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6 Dangers of Damaged Garage Doors

When maintained appropriately, residential garage doors can be long-term investments. But impact accidents, wear and tear, or even extreme weather can cause irreparable damage that necessitates garage door replacement.

Many homeowners see garage door replacement as a matter of personal preference rather than necessity. However, depending on the issues with the door, failing to replace a garage door can cause potential inconvenience and even safety hazards.

In this blog, we list six common threats that damaged garage doors can pose.

  1. Decreased Security

By the time a garage door needs replacing, the door has likely become a security liability rather than an asset. Damaged doors often use older and more hackable technology, do not lock, or have broken parts that might let an intruder in through your garage.

In addition to criminal security risks, damaged garage doors also offer less access control than functional garage doors. For example, while a newer door might require an access code, an older door may allow children to simply lift it up and leave through the garage at will.

Replacing your garage door with a structurally sound and updated model protects your home and belongings from would-be criminals.

  1. Higher Chances of Corrosion

Garage doors come with treatments to prevent common types of corrosion, such as rust on metal doors and rot on wood doors. However, many replacements are necessitated based on the age of the door.

As a door gets older, the original protective finish wears down. If you haven’t applied a secondary coating, an older door becomes much more vulnerable to corrosion. Corrosion can exacerbate other garage door issues, such as broken components.

Unfortunately, while corrosion is often preventable, it is not reversible. In order to eliminate the eyesores, potential toxins, or function-related dangers of a corroded door, you will need to replace the garage door as soon as possible.

  1. Higher Risk of Injury

When your garage door becomes old or damaged, it can also become dangerous. Even if your door works now, doors that have not been maintained or that have unrepaired damage can give out without warning and potentially inflict injuries.

Additionally, older doors can come with a higher risk of injury due to the included technology. Garage door openers that are old may not have sensors that meet today’s standards, which means that these doors do not reverse if a child or animal crosses under them.

Replacing your garage door can give you peace of mind that operating your garage door is completely and unquestionably safe every time you leave for your daily commute or access your storage.

  1. Increased Repair Frequency

Once your garage door reaches the point that it needs replacement, failing to replace the door will likely mean that you have never-ending repairs instead. In many cases, incessant repairs can add up to a larger cost and a bigger inconvenience than putting in a new door.

A garage door expert may be able to help you evaluate your options for repairs versus replacement.

  1. Lower Energy Efficiency

If you have an attached garage, your garage door condition can have a significant impact on the energy efficiency of your entire home. Because your garage doorway is so large and may be less insulated than other entryways, any vulnerabilities in your door can raise your energy bills.

This issue can become particularly obvious when your garage door has a hole or missing panels that lets treated air out and outdoor air in.

  1. Reduced Resale Appeal

When you look at a home, the garage door takes up a large amount of visual space. When the garage door looks dilapidated, the appeal of the entire home suffers. If you plan to sell your home in the near future, you may need to replace your damaged garage door to get prospective buyers to stop at the listing.

Additionally, because damaged garage doors can cause all the other issues listed in this blog, many buyers do not want homes with older, outdated, or obviously broken garage doors. Your home’s resale value could go down or you could be asked to adjust your agreement to cover the new owner’s costs for installing a garage door of their choosing.

If you have noticed a change in your garage door’s appearance or performance, have the door evaluated by an expert. In many cases, simple issues can be resolved through repairs and proactive maintenance.

However, if your garage door needs to be replaced, it’s in your best interest to do so promptly to avoid the issues listed above. Once your garage door professional recommends replacement, choose your new door and schedule installation as soon as possible.

For comprehensive garage door services, trust the experienced team at Raynor Door Company. We can evaluate your current door and help you determine if you’d be better off with a new garage door.


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