Polyurethane Insulation - Door Company in Chicago, IL

Polyurethane Insulation

State-of-the-art polyurethane insulation is blown between the door’s steel skins and expands to fill 100% of the garage door’s interior space. This delivers the industry’s best insulation efficiency and provides for maximum structural integrity, strength and soundproofing. Provides R-values from 12.0 – 18.0. Available on most Raynor Innovations Series garage doors.

Expanded Polystyrene Insulation - Door Company in Chicago, IL

Expanded Polystyrene Insulation

Rigid, lightweight expanded polystyrene insulation provides excellent protection against noise and weather. Provides R-values from 5.0 – 10.25. Available on all Raynor Traditions Series garage doors.

Thermal Break & Air Seal - Door Company in Chicago, IL

Thermal Break & Air Seal

Thermal break and air seal prevent heat loss from metal-to-metal contact between inside and outside surfaces. Thermal break and air seal is available on Masterpiece, Showcase, Affina, Centura, and Relante garage doors.

Weatherseal - Door Company in Chicago, IL


To help keep out wind and rain, all Raynor garage doors feature a vinyl bottom weatherseal attached to a sturdy aluminum retainer.

Perimeter Weatherseal - Door Company in Chicago, IL

Perimeter Weatherseal

An optional perimeter weatherseal creates a seal along the exterior top and sides of the garage door.

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