Most homeowners don’t want to hide their homes from the world—they want others to enjoy their homes’ beautiful exteriors, and they want an unimpeded view of their front lawn and garden. But just because you want to enjoy the view doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your privacy.

Instead, invest in automatic property gates that provide security, increase your property value and curb appeal, and beautify your home.

If you’re interested in automatic gates, Raynor Door Company is here to help. We offer the best styles and best-quality automated gates in the area. Choose us if you live in any Chicago, IL, suburb or the city itself. We have fantastic telephone-based gate entry systems, intercoms, and automatic gate operators.

Our Automatic Gates


No two homes or homeowners are exactly alike. You need an automatic gate that works for you, not one that’s made to fit another person’s preferences. We offer gates in many styles so you have enough options to choose the one you want.

We offer gate operators that you can rely on to work smoothly and last for years, including:

  • Swing gate operators, which open and close gates that swing outwards
  • Slide gate operators, which open and close gates that slide to open
  • Barrier gate operators, which prevent cars from accessing private roads or property

Swing gate operators make any home look elegant and stately, while slide gate operators work perfectly for homes that don’t have the extra space for gates to swing outwards. We’re happy to look at your property and discuss the best option for you.

Our Commitment to Your Happiness

We know that each of our customers is unique, so we dedicate ourselves to matching you with the perfect product. We never force you into a sale—instead, we educate you on the options so you can make an informed decision.

To get in touch with our team in Chicago, IL; Northfield, IL; or the surrounding suburbs, call us at 847-441-6900 or email