All Raynor residential steel garage doors are already painted with a baked-on finish. No additional painting is required. If you want to apply another color, however, the following steps are required.

NOTE: Only paint the exterior of the garage door while it is in the closed position.

  1. Use the following solution, with a soft bristle brush, to remove mildew and other surface contaminants:
    1. 1 cup household Spic n Span detergent
    2. 5 gallons of warm water
  2. Rinse thoroughly with water. (Do not use a pressure washer to rinse door.)
  3. Use a powder cleanser like Comet, diluted with water, with a soft bristle brush, to prepare the surface for better paint adhesion. Do not use sandpaper, deglossers, or liquid sandpaper to prepare the door surface.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with water and allow it to dry.
  5. Use a high-quality acrylic latex exterior paint. Apply according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not use an oil-based paint or any “rust-inhibitive” paint. Do not paint in direct sunlight or when the surface is warm to the touch. Lap marks will result. Brush application is recommended.
  6. Avoid getting paint on any gasket seals between door sections. Not all Raynor garage doors have these gasket seals.

PAINT FORMULAS: If you are touching up the paint on your garage door or repainting it, you can match the color precisely with Raynor Paint Formulas. Just go to your local Sherwin-Williams store with the paint formula to make the match.

IMPORTANT: Since Raynor has no control over re-coating, we do not warrant this product against peeling of the original factory-applied baked-on finish or subsequent coats of paint where re-coating has occurred.

If you have any painting questions, please call (847) 441-6900 or email

Sherwin Williams® Paint Formulas (gallon size) for standard Raynor garage door colors.