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7 Issues That Could Make Your Garage Door Unsafe

Your garage door is one of the largest moving components in your home, so it only makes sense to ensure it remains safe for you and your family to use. Each year, thousands are injured in accidents involving garage doors made unsafe through poor maintenance or misuse. The following highlights seven maintenance and upkeep issues that could eventually make your garage door unsafe to use.

Is an Insulated Garage Door Worth the Investment?

When it comes to keeping your home warm and comfortable, it’s easy to understand the importance of insulation. Your garage, on the other hand, is likely the largest uninsulated space in your home. An ordinary garage door offers plenty of protection against strong winds, but these doors do little to retain indoor heat or block out cold temperatures during the winter.

Motor Type and Drive Type Options

If you are in the market to purchase a new electric garage door opener, you need to pick the type that will work best with your needs. Fortunately, you have many options, even if you weren’t aware of them before now.

Below, you can read about the most important of these options: motor type and drive type. Learn more about these garage door openers and their advantages and disadvantages, and reach out to a garage door specialist if you have further questions.

How to Maintain Your Automatic Wooden Garage Door

Your automatic wooden garage door is probably one of the most beautiful examples of millwork in your home. Wooden doors are stately and attractive, but they also require a lot of maintenance and can have expensive repairs if the doors are not cared for. Knowing how to take care of your wooden garage door can help you keep it looking beautiful and working properly for many years to come.

Helping Make Your Vision A Reality

Modifying a home can be a daunting task. It can be difficult to know which components to use, how to install them, or whether you need them in the first place! Our team will simplify the process, allowing you to make the changes and pick the garage that accentuates your home the most without any of the stress.