The spring on my door appears broken, what should I do?

One of our garage door repair specialties at Raynor Door Company is our services for broken garage door springs in the Chicago area. While many people try to fix their broken garage door torsion springs on their own, it can be dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing. If you garage door spring is broken, our expert Chicago staff can help you repair it efficiently and safely. Our dependable repairmen can fix your garage door broken torsion springs for both commercial and residential garage doors. Trust in Raynor Door for safe broken garage door spring repair, unbeatable customer service, and low garage door spring repair costs. Call us today if you are need of broken garage door spring repair in Chicago area.

Garage door spring repair on any size garage door should be handled by a professional garage door service repair technician. Do not attempt to repair or service garage door springs yourself. Contact our Service department at 847-441-6900.