7 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Garage Door Opener

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A Garage door opener takes the burden of hoisting up your residential garage door so you don’t have to. Apart from successfully opening and shutting the garage door, the door opener prevents injuries and keeps your garage secure. You can only enjoy those benefits if your garage door opener is in tip-top condition. However, don’t hesitate to replace the garage door opener as soon as you spot the following warning signs:

1. The Garage Door Closes and Opens on Its Own

Your garage door should only close or open when you press the buttons on your remote or wall panel. However, a garage door can close and open on its own due to either of the following reasons:

  • Beam misalignment
  • Bad weather
  • Stuck buttons
  • Radio interference
  • A short in the logic board

If the circuit or logic board is the problem, an expert can repair or replace the logic board. But if repairing the garage to prevent further issues with your garage opening on its own, you can replace the garage door opener.

2. The Garage Door Opener Is Noisy

A noisy garage door opener will always bother your loved ones and neighbors. Unfortunately, fixing a noisy garage door opener can be challenging. So when you hear grinding, straining, or buzzing noises, your opener is probably failing.

Garage door openers become noisy when the motor overheats or becomes too old. These noises won’t disappear unless you replace the opener.

3. The Door Doesn’t Close or Open

If your garage door opener can’t perform its duties, you should replace it. But before you get a new opener, you must check if the tracks have blockages, if the torsion spring is broken, and whether the opener is connected correctly.

You can also replace the batteries on the remote and try opening the door again. If that fix doesn’t work, or if none of the above-listed issues are present, have an expert evaluate if your garage door opener needs replacing. An expert can also reconnect the opener or replace the torsion springs as necessary.

4. Your Garage Door Opener’s Technology Is Outdated

Garage door openers have evolved a lot during the past few decades. However, some garage door opener models still use dip switch technology. Such opener models use codes that are well-known to potential home robbers.

Replace your garage door opener if it still features the dip switch technology. You are better off upgrading to an opener with rolling code technology. This technology often changes your garage door access code to prevent potential break-ins.

5. You Experience Slow Garage Door Operation

A garage door opener makes opening and closing your garage door easier. With a well-functioning opener, your garage door should take seconds to close or open. However, as the garage door opener wears out, it might take longer to respond or do the job.

Old torsion springs, worn-out components, and poor lubrication can also slow your garage door opener. So before you replace the opener, rule out all the possible causes.

6. Your Garage Door Opener Is Old

Your garage door opener can’t last forever. At some point, your opener’s performance will decline. So, expect your garage door opener to give you problems as it approaches its end.

The lifespan of a garage door opener ranges between 10 to 15 years, depending on maintenance and build quality. While the garage door opener can still run past 15 years, it’s declining performance will disappoint you. So, prepare to replace your opener once it hits the expected lifespan.

7. You Want Modern Features

Technology advancements allow companies to incorporate modern features in garage door openers. If you love automation, you should consider upgrading your garage door opener. Invest in an opener with an integrated battery backup, built-in WiFi, an automatic garage door lock, a built-in camera, and other useful features.

Garage door openers play an essential role in your garage door system. So, never ignore common garage door opener problems, as they can affect the working of your garage door. At Raynor Door Company, we can repair or replace your faulty garage door opener, or simply upgrade your old and outdated opener. Call us today for assistance with all your garage door needs in the Chicago area.

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