Benefits of Choosing a Customized Wooden Garage Door

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Your garage door has a big impact on your house’s façade. A new garage door also represents a hefty investment. For that reason, many homeowners opt for cost-effective options.

If your budget allows, though, consider your fully custom options. These doors often come in wood, as the material itself comes with its own set of benefits. When you add in the customization option, the end result can be a door that makes a big, positive impact on your house’s façade.

Wood Is a High-End Material

Garage doors come in many different materials, including composite, steel, and aluminum. However, they all generally strive to mimic wood because it’s considered a high-end material. For that reason, many homeowners want a garage door that looks like wood. Indeed, a wooden garage door can increase a house’s value.

Other materials do have their advantages, such as durability and ease of maintenance. Wood is prized, though, because it is exceptionally beautiful. If you choose a hardwood garage door, you can have it stained instead of painted so the natural graining of the wood shows through. A wooden garage door will add curb appeal to most every home.

Wood Compares Well to Other Materials

Steel is durable but often heavy. Aluminum is light but dents easily. Either of those materials will work well for a garage door, but wood carries its own benefits above those.

For one, wood is a naturally energy-efficient material. It doesn’t transfer heat, so the interior of the garage stays cool on warm days and vice versa. This energy efficiency can help with your utility bills, especially if you heat your garage in the winter. As a benefit, wood is a sound dampener, so you won’t hear as much ambient noise from outside.

Wood isn’t as heavy as steel. However, a properly maintained wood door should last 15 to 20 years, which is the same lifespan as a steel door.

Wood isn’t as light as aluminum. However, it’s more durable. Wooden garage doors don’t dent. If you do see any damage in the door, the relevant panel can be repaired or replaced.

Customization Allows You to Match House Elements

While you can find custom steel doors, fully custom doors are usually wood. The customization options allow you to match other elements within your house’s façade.

One customization option comes in the panels. You can choose different trim options that match elements in your house. For instance, if you have a certain style of trim on your porch or around your windows, you can choose customized panels that echo that trim. In many cases, your garage door retailer can draw up architectural plans for the door to submit to the manufacturer.

Fully custom doors also let you choose the color. While you have some options with semi-custom and even stock doors, you can match colors perfectly on a fully custom door. So, if you want your garage door to match the siding or another element in the house’s façade, you can ask for that specific color from the manufacturer.

Customized Doors Offer Specific Benefits

Generally, you can choose between stock, semi-custom, and fully customized garage doors. Naturally, the price increases the more customized you go. However, fully custom doors do convey their own benefits even beyond aesthetics.

For one, custom doors often come with longer warranties. They also come with their own guarantees, which can last up to five years. So, you do get some peace of mind that your investment will be covered.

You can also choose different insulation levels for a customized door. While some custom wood doors consist only of wood, many are constructed in layers. You can specify you want insulation in your garage door, which will increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Finally, one of the main benefits of customized doors is they can be fitted to any space. So, if you have an oversized or otherwise atypical opening, you can order a custom wooden garage door that fits.

Look into a fully custom wooden garage door to add curb appeal and increase your house’s value. Visit Raynor Door Company for a full range of custom wooden garage doors.

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