Debunking Myths Associated With Garage Doors

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Navigating through the wide world of garage doors can seem overwhelming. With an array of different types, mechanisms, maintenance procedures, and installation processes, it’s no wonder that a host of myths and misconceptions have risen around the subject.

Whether you are a homeowner seeking knowledge for future decisions, or you are dealing with a tricky garage door issue, debunking myths associated with garage doors can help you make better-informed decisions and keep your garage door running smoothly for years to come. Here are some myths associated with garage doors you should never believe.

You Can Install or Repair a Garage Door by Yourself

Repairing or installing a garage door is a serious job. Garage doors are heavy and difficult to install by yourself. Even the most skilled do-it-yourselfers can get into a jam if they lack the proper equipment, training, and background in fields like carpentry and mechanics. You might also sustain injuries while working with garage doors if you are not careful.

In addition, the price of automatic garage doors might rise substantially if you buy each component separately. Garage door services can source these components cheaply and more efficiently.

When it comes to garage door repairs, the situation is similar. You can severely damage a garage door’s mechanism if you try to fix it without the right expertise and tools. While it’s true that the average homeowner can handle some simple maintenance tasks by themselves, many others call for the attention of a trained practitioner.

Technicians who specialize in garage doors are equipped and trained to inspect and fix any problems that may arise. In addition, regular maintenance can cut down on the amount of time and money spent on expert help.

All Garage Doors Are Noisy

Although garage doors may have generated significant noise in the past, many contemporary kinds of garage door openers have been developed to function quietly and effectively. In addition, the metal used to make garage door parts might be loud when the door is being used.

However, keep an ear out for any new or odd noises over time, as they could be indicators of failing parts. For the sake of your garage door’s sound and long-term function, you should have any unusual noises checked out by a professional immediately.

Automatic Door Openers Are a Luxury

Even though automatic garage door openers cost more than manual ones, they are well worth it because of the convenience they provide. Automatic doors have many advantages over manual ones, including increased security, ease of use, and durability. The trolley system employed by electric openers is more complex than its manual counterpart, but it is also more durable and can withstand more weight.

As a bonus, electric openers have options like wireless connectivity, a battery backup system, and wall panels for reprogramming remote controls. Electric door openers are built to last far longer and require minimal upkeep than standard manual garage doors due to their superior design and construction.

Your Garage Door Does Not Need Service

Many homes’ curb appeal and security depend on properly functioning garage doors, which necessitates routine maintenance. Remember that these complicated mechanical systems require frequent maintenance despite their robust construction.

To prolong the useful life of a garage door, hire a professional to inspect the device at least once annually. The springs need regular adjustment to the appropriate tension to avoid putting undue stress on the door opener, and metal moving parts need lubrication to decrease friction and prevent sticking.

Basic maintenance and cleaning can also go a long way toward ensuring a long life for your system. You can achieve this by performing a thorough monthly inspection of the garage door to look for signs of corrosion, fraying, or wear. By regularly performing these checks, you can keep the door system in good operating order and avoid costly repairs.

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