Factors to Help You Buy Garage Door Openers

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A garage door opener is a key requirement for your garage door’s efficiency and convenience. In addition, a good garage door opener can make your home more secure.

Today, the number of garage door opener sellers is high. Therefore, you need the right guide to find the best garage door openers in the market.

Discover a few factors to consider if you want to buy garage door openers.

The Available Options

One option to research is belt-drive garage door openers. Belt-drive garage door openers use rubber belts to raise and lower garage doors. Belt-drive garage door openers require less maintenance and do not produce a lot of noise during operation.

Another option to consider is jackshaft garage door openers. Jackshaft garage door openers are wall-mounted. The installation of jackshaft garage door openers is not affected by the ceiling’s height or shape.

Chain-drive garage door openers are other crucial options. Chain-drive garage door openers use chain belts to operate. In addition, chain-drive garage door openers are affordable options and often the best if you have a small budget.

The Available Features

The right features enhance the performance of garage door openers. In addition, a garage door opener with innovative features will meet your home’s security needs.

The first feature to consider is WiFi connectivity. WiFi connectivity will enable you to operate your garage door from your smartphone.

Silent system operation is also a crucial feature of consideration. The feature will enable a quiet garage door operation and give you peace of mind.

Another crucial feature is battery backup. Proper battery backup will keep your garage door opener functional during power outages.

An auto closer is also an important feature you should not ignore. The feature will help close your garage door opener if you leave it open for a set amount of time.


Various garage door openers vary in price. A price estimate of garage door openers will help you create a good budget.

The first determinant of the cost you will incur is the available types of garage door openers. For example, chain-drive garage door openers are often more affordable than other options.

The installation of your garage door opener can also determine the money you spend. A garage door company that offers customer service like inexpensive installations will save you some cash.

The features of the garage door opener will also determine its price. Modern garage door openers with better features often cost more than those without such features.

Price estimates from several garage door opener sellers will help you create a reasonable budget. You might have good grounds to negotiate a price reduction.


Your garage door’s size will determine the size of the garage door opener you buy. You should have compatibility between your garage door’s size and the size of the garage door opener you choose.

Your garage door’s material composition can also determine the size of the garage door opener you choose. Therefore, lightweight garage doors usually need less horsepower capacity and so require smaller-sized garage door openers.

Always be clear about the horsepower capacity of the garage door opener you intend to purchase. For instance, a garage door opener with 1/3 horsepower has an average size and can support an average-weight garage door.

A reputable and experienced garage door company will sell you the best garage door openers. You will also enjoy customer services like garage door opener installation and repair. Get in touch with Raynor Door Company for premium garage door openers. We look forward to helping you with your garage door opener needs and going over any questions and concerns you have.


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