FAQs About Carriage-Style Garage Doors and Exterior Aesthetics

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Should your garage door stand out from or blend in with the rest of your home’s exterior? You’re in the market for a new door, but you aren’t sure whether the door should make a statement or sit quietly in the background. A carriage house style can stand out or blend in, depending on which model you choose.

Before you invest in a new garage door, take a look at the answers to some of the top questions about exterior aesthetics and carriage-house-style doors.

What Is a Carriage-House Style Garage Door?

As the name implies, this type of door looks like what you would find on a carriage house. This antique or vintage-looking style mimics carriage or barn doors that open at the center. While some garage doors may actually open in the middle, most are not fully functional. Instead, they roll up and down like other modern-day doors.

A carriage-style door is made from either wood or an alternative material that looks like wood or has a wooden overlay. This creates an old-fashioned, classic aesthetic. Along with a center opening (faux or real) and a wooden material makeup, these doors may also have raised wooden panels or posts that create a pattern or design.

Many carriage doors feature windows and iron or similar metal accents, such as hinges and handles. Like the central opening, the hinges and handles are often faux and just for show.

Are Carriage- Style Doors Standout Exterior Features?

You’re torn between a door that stands out and one that creates a seamless look with the rest of the exterior. Which category, standout or blend-in, does a carriage style door fit into? There’s no easy or one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The carriage style is a versatile look that can create a dramatic effect or become part of the background.

If you prefer a door that stands out, choose a carriage-house option with style. A high-shine wooden finish, bold or bright paint color, multiple raised panels, crisscrossing exterior planks, and old-fashioned iron accents can make this type of door a noticeable part of your home’s facade.

Even though a carriage-style garage door can stand out, it doesn’t have to. You can create a seamless exterior aesthetic that likens the door to the rest of your home. Instead of a high-shine wood or a bold hue, choose a paint color that matches the rest of the exterior. This monochromatic option gives the illusion of one continuous space or wall area – even though the garage door is separate from the rest of the exterior.

While color choice is an easy way to create a seamless look between your door and the rest of your home’s exterior, it isn’t the only way to blend both parts of the property. The window choice and placement, wood plank pattern, and accents (or lack of accents) can minimize the door’s appearance and help you to create a neutral palette for your home.

Will a Carriage- Style Door Fit Every Home’s Exterior Aesthetic?

A mismatch between a garage door and the rest of the home’s exterior can create an unintentional standout aesthetic. A classic or traditional carriage door won’t easily blend in with a contemporary or modern house, and vice versa.

If you don’t want your garage door to stand out from the rest of the facade, choose a model that matches the existing style. Even though carriage-house doors are a style category of their own, you can find an array of options that match almost every time of home’s architecture.

Are you ready to redecorate your home’s exterior with a new carriage-style garage door? Contact Raynor Door Company for more information.

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