Signs You Should Replace Your Garage Door

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Over time and due to frequent usage, garage doors are prone to dents, malfunctions, and may have an unpleasant appearance. While garage doors are built to last a long time, the door can’t last forever. At some point, you’ll need to replace your garage door to keep your household safe and improve your home’s curb appeal.

Here are some common telltale signs you may need to replace your garage door.


If your garage door no longer functions properly or is showing signs of wear and tear, now may be the time for an upgrade. Garage doors may develop gaps between sections or have hardware that is noisy and not fully operational. If rust is forming on the garage door, it can leave holes in the surface and compromise the structural integrity.

While some garage door issues can be resolved by making repairs to the door, constant garage door repairs are costly and inconvenient. Thus, if fails and malfunctions have become a common issue with your garage door, you may want to consider replacing the garage door with new.

Unusual Noises

Garage doors make noise during normal operation, however that doesn’t mean you should ignore loud and inexplicable sounds. Common unusual garage door noises that indicate a problem include grinding, rattling, screeching, squeaking, rumbling, and banging. These noises may come from loose bolts, hinges, rollers, cable, or damaged track.

While some noises can be easily fixed by tightening loose parts or lubricating moving parts, some may indicate a severe underlying issue. For example, popping noises can indicate sections are misaligned or damaged and are rubbing up against each other.

If you notice strange garage door noises, don’t diagnose the problem yourself. Contact a garage door professional to perform a comprehensive inspection and advise you on the best course of action.

Damaged Garage Doors

Garage doors can be made from different materials, such as steel, fiberglass, wood, and aluminum. Over time, sections can develop deformations that affect the overall operation of your garage door system. For example, vehicle or weather damage that creates serious dents or cracks on a steel door could cause the door to bow or flex thus causing the door to come out of the track when the door is in the open position. Wood doors that are not properly maintained are susceptible to water damage which can cause the wood to rot and show signs of delamination. Hardware affected by the wood rot will pull away from the door and could cause serious bodily injury.

A damaged garage door is dangerous to anyone using it and requires immediate attention. Please contact our Service Department to determine how serious the damage is and to provide the necessary repairs to ensure your garage door is operating safely and efficiently.

Outdated Design

Due to their size, garage doors are your property’s focal point. If you’ve had your garage door for years and little has been done to maintain its appearance and functionality, it may be time to consider replacing it with new.

Modern garage doors are more functional and can easily improve the curb appeal of your home. Technological advancements have allowed garage doors to be more energy efficient and, when paired with a new garage door opener, include safety features such as safety sensors and safety to reverse which are designed to greatly reduce the potential for an injury to occur. So, if your garage door is out of style, it’s time for a high-functioning door that complements your home’s style and functionality.

A garage door affects multiple aspects of your home, including security, energy efficiency, appearance, and functionality. At all times, you need a properly functioning garage door to keep your home safe and running smoothly. Contact us at Raynor Door Company for all your garage door needs, including installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance.


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